Thank You-Christina Tarlev's Official Video

Christina Tarlev's "Thank You" Official Video is now available.

Christina is very excited to announce that her second Official Video is finally out. The song "Thank You" is extracted from Chistina's Debut album "In The Name of Love".

In addition to the fact that “Thank You” is a moving pop ballad that touches hearts with the deep message it brings, the song has also a special story behind it. As Christina tells about the story “There used to come to our congregation a man who suffered from alcoholism. He was dirty, totally drunk and smelly and you could tell that he has touched the bottom and fell deep into this additiction. One day, as I was still under the impression of the terrible helpless situation of this person and deeply touched by it, I sat at the piano and felt the desire to write a song inspired by the sad state that he was in. The songs is a mix of a dedication for that person, as well as a personal testimony of what God has done in my life. Although I have never dealt with severe addictions myself, God has changed my life radically, took me out of the darkness and brought me into His light and the fact that I can now be called a child of God is somthing really worth saying "Thank You Lord!". Now, everytime when I sing the song, I feel very strongly in my heart, that this song is a dedication to all the people who have dealt with addictions in their past and a proclamation of liberation for those who still struggle with addictions in their life and are on their way to becoming completely free.”

Enjoy watching the video, share it your friends if you like it and feel free to leave Christina a personal comment on Youtube, under the video.

Thank you and God bless you.


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