Maybe-Official Lyric Video

The Official Lyric Video for the song "Maybe" is online.

Watch Christina Tarlev's Official Lyric Video of the song Maybe,from the album "In the Name of Love".Don't forget to Like it on youtube if you enjoyed it.Thank you.

Here is the Sory behind the Song:

The album "In the Name of Love" opens with the outstanding pop-rock song “Maybe”. Christina says: “I wanted to write a song about someone who was seeking God. I had this clear image of a man who is seeking the true way but is fighting confusion and doubts in his mind. He is battling an emotional war inside him. He feels the call of the Savior but is questioning if Jesus is indeed the true way and is surrounded by doubt”. “There was a time in my life when I made this choice as well. I felt God’s call for me to give my life and soul unto Him, but my mind and heart were filled with doubts and, for a long time “maybe” was the cry of my heart, until I chose to receive God and come to Him simply the way I was, with the knowledge that He would accept and love me”.


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