Hallelujah-Official Lyric Video

The Official Lyric Video for the song "Hallelujah" is online.

Watch Christina Tarlev's Official Lyric Video of the song "Halleluajh", from the album "In the Name of Love".Don't forget to Like it on youtube if you enjoyed it.Thank you.

Here is the Story behind the Song:

“Hallelujah” is a powerful song with a powerful message. The whole music arrangement, the strings and the choir are in harmony with the song’s message. It makes you meditate on the Lord’s Majesty and think about the great sacrifice the Holy Lamb made at Golgotha for the whole of humanity. The title of Christina’s debut album is inspired by the last verse of this song: “The sacrifice was made for us all in the Name of Love”. Christina says “As I wrote this song, I imagined the angels amongst the beings of the Earth, singing Hallelujah to the Holy Lamb and worshipping His Holy Name, while standing at His throne of glory.”


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